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The Beauty of Pure Water

Bottled Water...pure, fresh and clear. Pure water is beautiful, but also essential to your well-being. And bottled water is great-tasting. It gives you and your family the pure water that's necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

The Beauty of the SpringWell

With the SpringWell Dispenser, bottled water is even more beautiful. And convenient as well. The natural elements of porcelain and oak are combined to from a classic design.

From traditional to contemporary, the SpringWell blends into any setting. And only about one square foot of floor space is required. It is at home in the kitchen, dining room or study...any place you need pure, fresh water.

The SpringWell ensures that every drop of water stays pure. Crafted from solid porcelain, the thick body is coated with Lead free, non-toxic glaze. Then fired at temperatures of 2300F . The SpringWell has been tested by FDA certified labs, government agencies and numerous bottlers. It has always been proven lead-free.

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A Beautiful Combination

Bottled water satisfies your need for the purest, freshest water possible. The SpringWell maintains the purity and enhances the beauty of bottled water. Now you can have this beautiful combination delivered to your home.

The Designer Collection

For those who desire a more decorative look, the "Designer Collection" is available. Choose from two distinctive designs for a unique coordinated appearance.

Inspired by Native American design, the Southwest is at home in rustic surroundings but even works great in contemporary decor.

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The Floral adds a light and lively feeling to the home. Flowers are always great in a traditional setting but this refreshing design fits into a variety of decorating styles.